Better than new: Necky 14

Condition: Used

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Necky Manitou 14: $1,100

Length: 14’ 4”

Width: 24”

Weight: 49* (*before removing the high backrest)

This kayak is an excellent multi-use kayak. Long enough with enough storage to be an overnighter, agile enough for bumpy-water play; durable enough for bumps and bruising landings. This specific kayak is in better-than-new condition with absolutely water-tight hatches. Better-than-new for several reasons. Better-than-new because the hull, deck are in pristine condition, Better-than-new because the ridiculously high backrest has been replaced (yet included with the kayak) with a “Williams” back pillar. This kayak has been padded-out with under-deck thigh padding. The coaming (inside lip) has been outfitted with Trim-Lok for easy handling. This kayak even rolls easily in the hands of experienced paddlers. This kayak was one of the last produced by the storied Necky brand and these 14’ models are highly sought after because of the versatility of the kayak.

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