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  • 13' x26", 19lb, Geodesic Airolight, Stretched "Snowshoe" canoe
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13' x26", 19lb, Geodesic Airolight, Stretched "Snowshoe" canoe

Condition: Used

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This boat was build by a professional aerolite builder Dave Greenbaum. One of his aerolite boats won "best in show" at the Chesapeake Light Craft "Big Little Boat Festival" in 2020. Construction: heat shrunk Dacron over spruce ribs. Double gunnel with lovely woodwork. Adjustable foot braces. This is a lovely, semitransparent boat which at 19 lbs with relatively round bottom moves very quickly. Attracts compliments constantly. A real joy to paddle. Dave stretched it to 13' instead of normal 12'. In mint condition . I cannot upload pictures here. I have them all posted on a pic hosting service however.. Cannot post a link to it either here. Text 610 906 0704, to get the link and see the pics. Make the effort, please, the boat is a steal at this price point.

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