12' Hobie Mirage Eclipse Paddleboard/Peddleboard

Condition: Used

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12' Hobie Mirage Eclipse board. Top of the line Hobie Eclipse has the Mirage drive like their kayaks. Height Adjustable handle bars have the rudder controls. You can pedal or remove the handle bars and use as a paddle board*.

The board’s width, hull design, and handlebars provide an extra-stable ride compared to a standard paddleboard.

Steering is at your fingertips, utilizing hand-levers like those found on a bicycle. Squeeze right, go right. Squeeze left, go left. The durable rudder offers pinpoint maneuverability unique to the Mirage Eclipse.

The aluminum alloy handlebar is easily removable in seconds; just lock the rudder in to place as a tracking skeg and paddle like a traditional stand up paddleboard.

Like to stand and fish? Just add a Hobie H-Crate accessory to add four fishing rod holders plus a plenitude of tackle management options**.

I often see schools and single fish from the standing height of the board.

* Paddle not included.

** Hobie H-Crate and fishing accessories not included.

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